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Permits, Licenses and Export/Import Requirements For Foreign Shipping

Whether you are shipping something outside of the country or importing something into the country, it’s important for the consumer to consider the requirements and permits that are required before completing the shipping process. Consumers that have not met the requirements will often experience that the items, especially animals, are shipped back to the departing location, often causing the consumer to lose the funds that have been paid for shipping (and sometimes for the items themselves).
Where can consumers learn about the permits and licenses Read the rest of this entry »

Ten Essential Facts For Setting Up Your Own Home Aquarium

Setting up and maintaining an aquarium at home can be fun and educational, but there are a few things that every aquarist should know before creating their diminutive ocean paradise.

1.) Size – Starting small is a good idea, but larger aquariums need less frequent maintenance.

2.) Location – Set up your aquarium on a strong, solid surface, away from climate control vents, windows and direct sunlight.

3.) Fish Selection – Make sure fish have clear eyes and examine them for visible health concerns. Purchase compatible species that will be happy tank mates.Get Read the rest of this entry »

Primary Requirements For Setting Up Your Own Fish Hatchery

Breeding your tropical fish. If you are new to owning an aquarium the first steps involve researching what kind of aquarium you desire. Since you are at the site you have probably already choosen tropical. When decorating your tank, be it in a relalistic manner or underwater fantasy land it is important to make sure there are plenty of hiding places for the new offspring. Low thick grasses, often called breeding grass, provide safety as do castles or rocks with nooks and crannies to hide in. If there are not enough hiding areas the other Read the rest of this entry »