Primary Requirements For Setting Up Your Own Fish Hatchery

Breeding your tropical fish. If you are new to owning an aquarium the first steps involve researching what kind of aquarium you desire. Since you are at the site you have probably already choosen tropical. When decorating your tank, be it in a relalistic manner or underwater fantasy land it is important to make sure there are plenty of hiding places for the new offspring. Low thick grasses, often called breeding grass, provide safety as do castles or rocks with nooks and crannies to hide in. If there are not enough hiding areas the other fish may snack on the young.
There are several great tropical fish that are easy breeders. Tetra, danios, platys and especially mollies. Research what your chosen specie prefers for ideal mating and bearing conditions. The mollie, one of the easiest fish to breed, prefers warm clean water to birth in. Heating the tank a couple degrees above normal and doing extra water changes (20 percent every day or so) will encourage this live bearer to give birth. When the mollie (or whatever your fish) looks ready to give birth, swollen belly being one sign, moving her to a breeding net will give the little ones more of a chance. Once the mother has laid her eggs or birthed (mollies are livebearers) it is important to remove her before she decides to snack on the young.

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