Ten Essential Facts For Setting Up Your Own Home Aquarium

Setting up and maintaining an aquarium at home can be fun and educational, but there are a few things that every aquarist should know before creating their diminutive ocean paradise.

1.) Size – Starting small is a good idea, but larger aquariums need less frequent maintenance.

2.) Location – Set up your aquarium on a strong, solid surface, away from climate control vents, windows and direct sunlight.

3.) Fish Selection – Make sure fish have clear eyes and examine them for visible health concerns. Purchase compatible species that will be happy tank mates.Get more information here. http://www.local10.com/news/Exotic-aquariums-help-S-Fla-company-land-reality-show/-/1717324/13644132/-/xqw7nmz/-/index.html Pet shop personnel can help.

4.) Provide adequate light, on a regular schedule.

5.) Allow time for water temperature stabilization, before adding new fish. Taking fish from water that differs significantly in temperature from where they are placed can kill them.

6.) Do not over feed fish.

7.) Do not over clean the tank.

8.) Provide adequate filtration and aeration.

9.) Don’t overpopulate. Although not always correct, a good rule of thumb is one inch of fish length, for all tank inhabitants to one gallon of water.

10.) Allow beneficial bacterial organisms to grow, by not over cleaning.

Following these simple suggestions will provide a good start for your new home aquarium and its inhabitants.

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