Know Your Origin of Breeders: Miami Ciclid Breeders May Not Always Breed In Miami

Many fish keepers choose to purchase their cichlids from local breeders to avoid injury and disease related with the stresses of shipping. Family owned and operated aquarium stores that act as the middle man between breeders and fish keepers advertise their cichlids as being born in Miami. Unfortunately, because selling fish as locally bred is a guaranteed way to get customers, some breeders advertise their fish as locally bred when that is not the case.

Unscrupulous breeders who are looking to make easy money order female cichlids that are already pregnant. When these females give birth in Miami, the stress the female is subjected to due to the shipping process can cause damage to her fry. This practice means the breeder can label the fish as locally bred without having to breed the cichlids, which saves time and money.

This is also a common practice with wild cichlids. Fry from a pregnant cichlid taken from its natural habit are, technically speaking, locally bred. Breeders looking to get around the stigma of selling wild caught cichlids frequently take this route.

When you purchase cichlids, especially exotic cichlids, ask questions and do your research if your cichlids’ origin is important to you.

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