A Buyers Safety Net: Be Sure To Get A Guaranty Against “Floating Fish”

Many people like fish, especially colorful ones. They make a wonderful focal point in any decor, and are easy to care for. They’re also a great investment for those living in places where cats and dogs are not allowed as pets, or for children who are too young to care for a cat or a dog yet.

One of the problems when purchasing new fish for your tank is that it can be difficult to tell if fish are in the early stages of disease. Those fish who are in the advanced stages are easily spotted, but those who will become sick soon are not. So, when buying fish, especially tropical fish, find out what the store’s policy is regarding fish who soon are sick and die. Floaters are not pretty and if not removed promptly can greatly increase the risk of your other healthy fish soon becoming sick themselves.

Always talk to the person who is obtaining your fish for you to find out what their policy is regarding replacing dead fish. It’s important to note the time frame given, and if dead fish must be returned to the store when you go to get your replacement fish.

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